We are against beautiful websites
We can design beautiful websites we just don't think they work
87% of websites are beautiful images and texts only
they capture 4% internet traffic, basically deserted!
4% of websites offer services to users
96% internet traffic, make money, are successfull!
we transform static websites into active ones
Making websites active used to be expensive, the Cloud changed everything.
Components wich allow websites to be active are now available online, the APIs.
New APIs are created every single day, exisiting APIs are constantly perfected.
As a new company, no legacies, we can afford to continually integrate new APIs.
We can make your website DO things or design a brand new one for you, fast.
Your website could DO so many things you can even run your company from it.
Your employees can run projects with and in it, your customers can meet in it.
An e-commerce website which DO things will dramatically increase its traffic.
Google loves websites which DO things and grow their ranking exponentially.